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Easy Living

At Kierish Homes we have had a long-standing obsession with creating homes that are easy to live in. We believe that a home should provide more than just a roof over your head, the home is the centre of your life and we have set out to try and make sure that you live with it and not just in it.

The ‘Easy Living’ concept is born from this. We look at every aspect of interaction with your home with the aim of making it simpler and easier to use, whether you’re there or not! Clever storage is also important to any home, our goal is to design and install storage that thinks outside the box, giving you that extra bit of space that helps clear you mind and house of clutter! We understand that smart home technology isn’t to everyone’s taste, so all of our homes work EXACTLY as you would expect them to. Switches, heating controls and appliances can all be controlled manually, but why get up to turn the lights off when you can tell them to turn off!

Easy Storage

Storage, when you don’t have enough it causes clutter and no-one likes clutter!. We always look to design our homes with clever storage solutions whether it be in the kitchens, under the stairs or by supplying wardrobes.

We always try to integrate storage or make it more of a showpiece rather than a cupboard that’s crammed full of junk.

Smart Homes

We have always been admirers of smart home technology as it provides the tools to make the homes we build even easier to live in. Smart home devices can now be seamlessly incorporated into a home but of course, technology isn’t always easy to use so we test all the products we install in houses ourselves and will also give a personal demonstration of the devices we install to ensure you know exactly how to get the best of them. When the smart devices work in harmony, your home life will become easier and energy bills should be lower.

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Easy Move

Moving, one of the most stressful things you can do as a family in a couple or on your own. At Kierish Homes we intend on making this as stressless as possible. Before you move in you’ll have the chance to take a tour around the house so we can answer any of the questions you may have. We’ll also show you how everything works and setup the house as you would like.

On moving day we’ll be there waiting with the keys. We have further details and checklists in our buying guides that maybe of help, so check them out.


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