Easy Living

Making the process of buying and living in your new home that much easier

What is Easy Living?

Easy living isn’t just our slogan, it’s a genuine belief and ethos we use when designing and building homes. We constantly ask the question, what would be easiest for the homeowner? We incorporate clever technology along with design to try and achieve the ‘easy living’ ethos.

We look at every aspect of interaction with your home with the aim of making it simpler and easier to use, whether you’re there or not! We understand that smart home technology isn’t to everyone’s taste, so all of our homes work EXACTLY as you would expect them to. Switches, heating controls and appliances can all be controlled manually, but why get up to turn the lights off when you can tell them to turn off!

It’s not just about the home itself though it also relates to your experience in dealing with us too, we dedicate ourselves to creating an experience that makes the homebuying process easier. We all know moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do but, we say, why should it be?


We install Smart thermostats that help you to control the energy consumption of your home with greater flexibility either from the thermostat itself or from your phone or tablet, even when you’re out and about!


We install smart lighting and provide smart lighting starter kits to help you control the lights in your home from a smartphone or tablet whether you’re in or out. Different colours can be set depending on your mood, creating the perfect home to relax in.


Security cameras that are connected via your wifi that can inform you if there is someone outside your house when they shouldn’t be! Live video feeds can be streamed straight to your phone. Smart doorbells are also installed so you never have to miss a delivery again.


As part of our smart home starter kit you will receive a home assistant that you can talk to directly to help control elements of your smart home, for example, say “turn on the kitchen lights” and hey presto they turn on!

No Hidden Extras

There’s nothing more disappointing than negotiating on the purchase of a new build home only to find out that you need to pay extra for ceramic tiles or turf for the back garden, sometimes knowing this can make the home unaffordable for some buyers. At Kierish Homes we recognise that when purchasing a new build home there should be no hidden extras and that is exactly what we promise!

If you’re early enough in your interest you will get the chance to choose from a range of colours from kitchens to carpets all of which will not incur any extra cost. Should you have some interest in any of our available homes then please contact us for further information.


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